In order to prevent the reverse engineering of script applications, a number of developers encode their program code with instruments such as ionCube PHP Encoder in order to make it human unreadable. This is valid for paid applications in particular, because anyone could possibly use and modify the unprotected code without having to pay the required license fees. If you acquire web software protected with ionCube PHP Encoder, you can use it without any problems as long as a tool called ionCube Loader is a part of the hosting server. This loader enables you to execute encoded files and you'll often notice it as one of the prerequisites for a certain script application to be installed. Due to the fact that the encrypted files are already precompiled, they are generally executed more rapidly and this will boost the overall speed of your site.

IonCube in Website Hosting

When you purchase a Linux website hosting from us, it will be set up on our custom cloud hosting platform where ionCube Loader is already set up, so you won't have any kind of problems to manage any script app that requires the instrument so as to function appropriately. In addition, we offer you several different releases of PHP, therefore if you switch the version, you need to enable ionCube again. Our platform remembers the adjustments you make, which means that if you switch back to the previous version of PHP that was active for your account, ionCube Loader will already be turned on. Both the PHP version as well as the ionCube tool can be operated through the PHP Configuration section of our Hepsia website hosting Control Panel. Each change that you do takes literally just a single click and it'll take effect immediately.

IonCube in Semi-dedicated Hosting

Each and every semi-dedicated server account that is created on our cutting-edge cloud web hosting platform includes ionCube Loader support, so you can set up any kind of script application which needs the software tool. Then use it to launch and maintain your internet presence. You can activate ionCube through the PHP Configuration section of your Control Panel and it'll take you just a couple of clicks to do this. Your change will take effect without delay, which means that you will be able to go ahead and install the necessary script inside your account. If you choose to switch the PHP version that's active for the account, you'll have to activate ionCube for the new version too. Our in-house built platform also allows you to have a different PHP version for each and every domain or subdomain, that is done with a php.ini file in each domain folder. In the same way, you are able to enable/disable ionCube Loader for each website hosted in your semi-dedicated account.